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“I am your Tinkerbell. Because Wendy didn’t stay, but Tinkerbell did.”
“Before, I usually cried when somebody said that I am ugly. I covered my face by my hands never bothered that it was already wet because of my tears. Then when I got older, people teased me again. Then for the record, I cried too. But when I got home, my parents were waiting for me in the dining area and said that I looked so beautiful even though I looked tired. I smiled at them. Day after that day, my friends approached me in front of our room and told me that I am so beautiful. I smiled again. By that time I asked myself, who should I believe in? Those people who never know and appreciate me or the people who always cheer me up? Those people who calls me ugly or the people who had given me the name beautiful? Then the last thing I knew, I am beautiful… I really am.”

- ale g. na

Nakakainis na minsan adviser namin yung tipong daming gagawin tas tss. Kaurat talaga. Tas magpapaquiz pa bukas. Puchaness. Di sa lahat ng oras kaya ko lahat ng pinapagawa mo kasi kailangan ko rin ng oras sa sarili ko WAHT hahaha ok sige kajirit.


yeah good grades are cool and all but have you ever had a good night sleep

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points at band: they're fucking idiots
points at favorite member: he's the worst
person: you look dead
me: thanks