Call me if you find my galaxy. He's currently hiding.


A 14-year old queen living in the planet and still finding galaxy. Writing is the way she lives and blogging is being productive. She is a fangirl and don't you dare to steal the deer from her 'cause she can dig your grave. Random thoughts can be found inside her blog. Thank you for visiting her rainy blog and enjoy.
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tuloy ba the lost planet in manila ha papakamatay na ko


I just want Tumblr to know that I have never, not once, wanted to reblog a text post as a link.

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“The greatest gift you can give someone is the space to be his or herself, without the threat of you leaving.”

- Lessons in Life #39 (via countingsouls)

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“Lie asked Truth, ‘Why do people love me but despise you?’
Truth smiled bitterly and said, ‘It’s because they only use you for them to breathe, but I will always remain in their minds until they throw you away.’”

- -Aleyna & Alexa (via pandainajar)


Have fun today and just regret it tomorrow.

The saddest death is not the one that is never said. It is the death of someone whose heart beats but buried on the inside.